Commercial Tenant Advisors

Specialists in Buyer and Tenant Negotiations

What we do:

We're a commercial real estate company that specializes in negotiating and closing property sales for Users, Investors and 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges.

Put a Real Estate Professional on your team!

We negotiate lease transctions for all types of businesses with an emphasis on dental and medical transactions. Start to finish representation, for the best overall outcome!

Successful clinics start with great real estate!

Representation Services


Commercial Tenants, and Buyers need an agent working & negotiating on their behalf!  Property listings provide every owner with representation. As a Tenant, or Buyer, of commercial real estate you need experienced representation working on your behalf.


Experience is the biggest factor for a successful negotiation and transaction. Each deal is unique and requires the full attention of your professional. To insure the best representation, with no conflicts of interest, select a Buyer's, or Tenant's agent, without property listings.


Money is important and no one wants to waste it.  Additionally, everyone loves FREE!  If you're buying, or leasing a commercial property, the fees, are paid by the Seller, as part of any listing agreement.  All traditional listings provide a 50/50 split of the fee, between  the listing agent and Buyer's representative.

Experience Matters

*30 Years of experience Selling and  Leasing Commercial Properties

*Over 150 Medical and Dental Transactions Completed

*Complete Network for Financing and Construction

*Over $150 Million in sales transactions concluded

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